International Women’s Day Celeberation.

We know that women  are the largest untapped reservoir  of the talent in the world.  The IQAC  team in association  with NSS Unit has organized a special programme to commemorate  the  international Women’s Day on 8th March 2021.

Prof. A.G.Oleena, Professor of M.G. College, Trivandrum, Member of Syndicate, who was the key speaker of the function.  As per our schedule Programme began at 11 a.m.  Assistant Professor Smt. Neethu welcomed the guest.  Dr. Rani George, Principal CSI Institute of Legal Studies delivered the inaugural address and  its followed the lamp lightening .  Even though it a Women’s day, programme, we also the male representation by giving an opportunity to lightening the lamp by the male students.

Our Chief guest Prof. A.G. Oleena delivered a mesmerizing speech on “Equations of Gender Justice in our Society”.  She also pointed out the harassment that women facing in the work sector and how they are utilizing as a marketing commodity.  She showcases the importance of the legal profession in this scenario.  She also suggested some books that help us to understand the historical transition on this topic.  She also discussed the significance of using our mother tongue as court language.  She appreciated the male participation in this programme.  Assistant Professor Smt. Lekshmi Chandrasekhar proposed Vote of thanks.

It is followed by the Cultural event ‘Arohan’.  It began at 1 p.m. NSS Volunteers performed a musical theme song showing gender inequality and other harassment women facing in this society.  Other students and teaching staff made it a success by their active participation in various programmes.  The final year students used this opportunity to gave a token of respect to the teaching staffs.  The programme ended at 3 p.m.